Manage your Assessed Assets with MyEquipment from Rockwell Automation

MyEquipment on MyRockwell is a way to track and manage your installed assets and can provide you with insights into the operations of your production environment so you can make better data-driven decisions. My Equipment begins with an Installed Base Evaluation™ which is a part of our MODERNIZATION ASSESSMENT so that you can review, analyze, and evaluate data on the installed asset base.

You can make better decisions about your plant assets with a new level of information and productivity. Using data from our Modernization Assessment, My Equipment can help you reduce costs as you identify and eliminate excess inventory. You can also increase uptime when you identify lifecycle risk to ensure critical spares are on-site to support production and maintenance.

Talk to your local Rockwell Automation ditributor about an assessment and when MyRockwell is ready for ya!


Stay up to date on the lifecycle status of all products within your facility.


View detailed data to develop a strategic plan to mitigate risk and optimize production.


Evaluate and prioritize critical risk within your facility

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