New Hammond Power TruWave Active Harmonic Filter

Hammond Power Solutions TruWave Active Harmonic Filter (AHF). The new HPS TruWave combines advanced control and proven reliability to provide a comprehensive and flexible solution for harmonic mitigation.

It monitors the load current and very quickly responds to the power system distortion as it develops. A corrective current is injected to effectively cancel out the harmonics required from the upstream power source. The result is a harmonic load on the power system that is acceptable, with more balanced current and voltage waveforms.

HPS TruWave is designed to achieve total harmonic distortion, or THD, ≤ 5%, while requiring minimal impedance on the line side of a variable frequency drive (VFD). It provides compliance to ANSI/IEEE Standard 519-2014 requirements as well as other stringent power quality standards.

It offers excellent performance as its application does not require detailed knowledge regarding the nature of the load(s) or the type of harmonics present. The AHF responds to the exact system needs as they develop. The degree of the load current distortion, which determines the magnitude, as well as the order of harmonics involved, will determine the dynamic output of the filter.

HPS TruWave AHF operates at one of the highest efficiencies for any active harmonic filter (98%), ensuring that the losses are minimized. Furthermore, the service life cycle of upstream electrical equipment is extended, and system energy costs are reduced.

Typical examples of AHF applications include wastewater treatment plants, food processing plants, hospitals, data centers, mass transit facilities, oil & gas industries, OEM switchgear & motor control centres, industrial manufacturing facilities and HVAC applications.

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