When Just Stainless Steel Isn't Good Enough for Your Servos - INFOGRAPHIC

Having just a stainless steel servo motor in your food and beverage operation, in many cases, isn't good enough to mitigate bacterial contamination and recalls in your process.  

Allen Bradley has a designed servo motor for you.

With over 40% of food recalls caused by bacterial contamination and $10,000,000 average cost per company for a recall, you would want to make sure you mitigate cntamination caused by washdowns.

Many servo motors may be stainless steel, but the surface are not conducive to washdown environments.

Allen Bradley has an answer:  Allen-Bradley Kinetix VPH Hygienic Servo Motors

  • Smooth surface hellps prevent bacteria growth and allows for easier cleaning.
  • Native IP69K Rating and configurable cables makes motors LAST LONGER.
  • HYGIENIC SERVO MOTORS are Clean & Durable

Find out more here:  https://ab.rockwellautomation.com/Motion-Control/Kinetix-VP-Servo-Motors

Insider Allen Bradley
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