Watch the Keynote Presentations from RA Process Solutions Event

Revisit and watch the top presentations from Rockwell Automation's Process Solutions event before the Automation Fair.

The Process Solutions User Group (PSUG) addresses the production challenges our customers are facing every day including control strategies, optimization, process safety and batch automation.

Customers who missed the keynote speakers (or the event) can catch up on the process roadmap, advances in process safety, analytics and digital transformation in process industries. 

1.  Digital Transformation

Allan Rentcome
Director, Global Solutions Technology
Rockwell Automation

Listen to Allan Rentcome discuss the Rockwell Automation ConnectedProduction solution that connects intelligent assets and shares information for greater operational intelligence. ConnectedProduction is based on intelligent asset management as the foundation of a data-driven operation, but it’s also designed to be self-aware, system-aware and self-configuring, as well as possess end-to-end security.

2.  PlantPAx® Roadmap

David Rapini
Global Business Manager, PlantPAx®
Rockwell Automation

The Rockwell Automation vision for the PlantPAx going forward is to invest further in PlantPAx, and continue with our modern DCS message. Hear David Rapini lay out the PlantPAx road map which focuses even more on engineering efficiency, such as going from applications that need several hundred mouse clicks to ones that need an order of magnitude less. He also highlights on development initiatives that will help share data more seamlessly with more clicks built in—so users don’t have to make them—which will be especially helpful over the lifecycle of a product.

3.  Safety Advances

Steve Del Rio
Global Business Manager, Process and Machine Safety
Rockwell Automation

Listen to what Steve Del Rio has to say about safety first, last, always and everywhere and the continuing interest and implementation of safety instrumented systems (SIS) based on the returns they can provide. Steve discusses how customers are looking for an SIS for not just safety but also as a means to help them make better decisions.

4.  Advanced Analytics

Michael Tay
Project Manager, Advanced Analytics
Rockwell Automation

To help users turn advanced analytics into intelligent actions, Michael Tay, project manager, advanced analytics, Rockwell Automation, discusses how traditional analytics tools are being applied to machine learning techniques and tools to diverse data sources to determine what’s normal in a given process application, and then use that data to check for anomalies—and do it earlier to enable prescriptive maintenance.

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